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  • Andrographolides

    Active Ingredient: Andrographolide Specification: 95% Test Method: HPLC Andrographis Paniculata extract Andrographolides Andrographis Paniculata extract is derived form the plant of Andrographis paniculata. This ancient Chinese medicinal herb known as Chuaxinlian is historically been used as a Hepatoprotective and for common cold. It is used as a bitter ingredient in theChinese indigenous system of medicine. Traditionally the decoction of Andrographis rootstalks and leaves is commonly used as a ...【Detailed】

  • Red Clover Extract
    Red Clover Extract

    Product Name: Red Clover Extract Latin Name: Trifolium pretense L Product Type: powdered Extract Part of the Plant Used: Flower Product Specification: 8%,20%,40% Isoflavones Function: 1) Red clover because it can improve health, anti-spasm, known for healing                    properties.Over the past 200 years, not only because of its treatment of skin       &n...【Detailed】

  • Wild Yam Extract
    Wild Yam Extract

    Product Name: Wild Yam Extract Plant Origin: Dioscorea opposita Thunb Specification:WDY-Dioscin 8%,16% HPLC Model No.:WDY Action:1) It is a remedy used to relieve intestinal colic,to soothe diverticulitis,ease dysmenorroea                and ovarian and uterine pains.             2) It is a remedy used in the treatment rheumatoid arthritis, especially the acu...【Detailed】

  • Soy Isoflavones
    Soy Isoflavones

    Product Name: Soy Isoflavones Botanical name: Glycine max merr. Sources: The soybean embryo of glycine max merr. Specification:Isoflavones 20%,40% Analysis Method: HPLC Appearance: Light yellow fine powder Medicinal Functions: 1.Soy isoflavones are known as phytoestrongens(plant estrogens),singnifying their mild    estrogenic activity, it can compensate estrogen for menopausal womaen,so as to reduce or    avoid menopausal syndrome. 2.Soy isoflavones has ...【Detailed】

  • Epimedium Extract
    Epimedium Extract

    Product Name: Epimedium Extract Latin name: Epimdium biolba Active ingredients:Total lcariin & lcariin Testing method:HPLC Specifications:1)Extracted part: leaf and stem                       2)Extract solvent: ethanol                       3)Extract medium: non...【Detailed】

  • Red Yeast Rice Extract
    Red Yeast Rice Extract

    Product Name: Red Yeast Rice Extract English Name: Red Yeast Rice Extract Chinese Name: Hong Qu Mi Latin Name: Monascus purpureus Went Ingredients: Lovastatin Appearance: Fine powder Color: Red Functions: Promotes healthy cholesterol levels. Supported by clinical research. 100% natural. Natural complement to diet.  【Detailed】

  • Milk Thistle Extract
    Milk Thistle Extract

    Product Name: Milk Thistle Extract  Latin Name : Silybum marianum  Distribution: Mainly planted in Shan'xi, Hebei and Jiangsu province Product Type:  Yellow Powdered Extract Part of the Plant Used: Seed Extract Method: Grain Alcohol Specification: Silymarin ≥80% Efficacy: 1)of  the liver cell membrane to from a layer of protection,blocking toxicsubstances,particularly alcohol and environmental pollutants (pesticides, heavy metals,etc.)invasion ...【Detailed】

  • Rhodiola Extract
    Rhodiola Extract

    Product Name: Rhodiola Extract Latin name: Rhodiola sachalinensis A.Bor. Appearance: Brown Fine Powder Specification: 40%Polyphenols, 1%Salidroside,                      40%Polyphenols, 3%Salidroside, 1%Rosavin,                      40%Polyphenols, 4%Salidroside, 2%Rosavin, &...【Detailed】

  • Schisandra Extract
    Schisandra Extract

    Product Name: Schisandra Extract Characters: Ben Pinwei brown-red to red powder, micro-gas, micro-bitter taste. Specifications: schisandrin: 1.0%, 3%, 5% (HPLC); Schisandra-1.0%, 2.0%, 3.0%, 4.0%, 5%                        (UV) Function: 1) a certain dose of Schisandra enhance the dog's excitement and inhibit the process        &nbs...【Detailed】

  • Olive Leaf Extract
    Olive Leaf Extract

    Product Name: Olive Leaf Extract Plant name: Olea Europaea L. Plant source: the Mediterranean region Active ingredient: bitter olives glycoside Molecular formula: C25H32O13 Molecular Weight: 540.4 The use of the site: Ye Function: 1) With anti-bacterial and effective antiviral activity against HIV infection caused by a certain      role in the treatment of 2) Improve the human immune, with anti-cancer effect 3) Auto-immune barriers to improve...【Detailed】

  • Senna Leaf Extract
    Senna Leaf Extract

    Product Name: Senna Leaf Extract Plant Origin: Cassia Angustifolia Specification: Sennosides 4%,6%8%HPLC Appearance: Brown fine powder Moisture: 3.56% Ash: 3.31% Extract solvents: Ethanol &water Packing Detail: Packed in paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside. Net weight:25kgs/drum.    Function: Senna's active ingredient, known as sennosides effect. The molecular components of             &n...【Detailed】

  • Gotu Kola Extract
    Gotu Kola Extract

    Product Name: Centella asiatica extract English name: Gotu Kola Extract Plant Source: Ben Pinwei Umbelliferae Centella asiatica plant Centella asiatica all-grass. Specifications: Centella asiatica glycosides 10%, 40%, 70%, 80% (HPLC); Asiaticoside 10%,                        40%, 60%, 90% (HPLC)       Function:1. To help heal the wound healing and ski...【Detailed】

  • Rosella Powder
    Rosella Powder


  • Chitosan


  • Coenzyme Q10
    Coenzyme Q10


  • Green Tea Extract
    Green Tea Extract

    Product Name: Green Tea Extract English name: Green Tea Extract  Active ingredient: catechin (mainly with EGCG, ECG, EGC, GCG, DL-C, EC six monomer) Raw materials: green tea. Specifications:  Green tea extract 99% of tea ≥ 99% catechins ≥ 95% EGCG ≥ 80%                           caffeine <0.1%        &n...【Detailed】

  • St.John's Wort Extract
    St.John's Wort Extract

    Product Name: St.John's Wort Extrac Latin  name: Hyperici Perforati Characters: Ben Pinwei brown-black powder Place of Origin: China Spencifications: 1) Extracted part: stem,leaf and flower                         2) Appearance: red-brown powder                   &nb...【Detailed】

  • Lycopene

    Product Name: Lycopene Effectiveness: 1) Prevention and treatment of cancer;                          A Japanese medical research on the incidence of gastric cancer 4 different                          parts of the investigation, determined reside...【Detailed】

  • Grape Seed Extract
    Grape Seed Extract

    Product Name: Grape Seed Extrac Scientific Name: Semen Vitis vinifera, Folium Vitis vinifera. Common Name:greap seed extract Latin Name:Vitis vinifera Product Type:Light Brown Yellow Powdered Extract Specification:1) Proanthocyanidins, 95% UV, Brown                     2) Polyphenols, 20%-30% UV, Reddish brown powder with grape fragrance,         ...【Detailed】

  • Ginseng Extract
    Ginseng Extract

    Product Name: Ginseng Extract Function : 1.ginseng on the central nervous system stimulant and a large number when it is a                    disincentive.  To strengthen high-level animal nervous and excited to curb                    activities of the process. And  to enhanc...【Detailed】

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