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Ginseng Extract

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Ginseng Extract

Product Name: Ginseng Extract

Function : 1.ginseng on the central nervous system stimulant and a large number when it is a

                   disincentive.  To strengthen high-level animal nervous and excited to curb

                   activities of the process. And  to enhance the body of all non-specific stimulation of

                   adaptability, reduce fatigue (the ginseng  root, stem and leaf can extend the duration

                   of the swimming mice). 

                 2.ginseng on the cardiac and blood vessels have a direct role in the general

                    excitement in small doses, when high-dose inhibition. 10% of the ginseng extract

                    1ml/kg to the cat (or rabbit)  orally, the heart of myasthenia gravis have a certain

                     role in improving, during the rewarming a substantial recovery. Some anti-allergic

                     and cardiac shock. Ginseng on myocardial cell membrane ATPase inhibit>. 

         strengthen the body's resistance to harmful factors: 

                   1) can chicken infected with the malaria parasite from acute death, the body

                       weight of chicken and also on the rise. 

                   2)reduce the rate of growth as a result of laboratory animals injected vaccine

                      or milk fever  caused by the reaction.

                   3)to enhance the body's ability to adapt to changes in temperature can

                      increase the heat  tolerance in mice, the low temperature. 

                   4)dogs in the massive loss of blood or asphyxiation while in a state of dying,

                      the immediate injection of ginseng preparation, will enable the blood

                      pressure dropped to very low levels  of a solid rebound.

                    5)can be extended by the Trypanosoma infection of mice survival time.

                    6)can inhibit the injection of turpentine carcasses or rabbit ears because of

                      frostbite caused by systemic inflammatory response.

                    7)to promote some of the experimental healing of the injury.

                     8)have anti-vitamin B1, B2 deficiency.

                    9)to speed up the experimental rabbit corneal ulcer healing.

                  10)to weaken some of the toxic (benzene, tetraethyl lead, three phosphoric

                      acid cresol, etc.)  on the body. 

       a result of the adrenaline-induced high blood sugar animals have lower

                    blood sugar's  role; with diabetes in addition to the initiative to improve the

                    symptoms, there are minor role  in lowering blood glucose and insulin and 

                    there is synergy. 

       promote the animal's sexual function, mice eating a small amount of

                   ginseng, to cite the end of the phenomenon can produce. 

        the appropriate dose, the rabbits can also increase the weight, so that the

                    albumin and globulin ratio increased. 

          stimulate blood-forming organs, improve the anemia. 

                   8.a small number of long-term use, will enable the reticuloendothelial system

                      hyperthyroidism;  excessive doses, it was the opposite effect. 

                   9. ginseng extract water with effect haemostasis. 

                  10. ginseng on diethylnitrosamine in rats induced the development of a

                        significant inhibition, so that significantly reduced the incidence of liver

                        cancer. Ginsenoside on the 4-NQO of

                        the DNA damage caused by a certain degree of antagonism. Enhanced

                        learning and memory in mice function; there are anti-lipid peroxidation. 

                  11. the active ingredients of ginseng Rg1 and Rb1 on the role of the 3-day pre-

                        culture of rat  pituitary cells, secretion of gonadotropin-promoting role.

                        Ginseng root saponin decompression hypoxia may increase serum

                         corticosterone can reduce brain  neurotransmitters and metabolites lower. 

                   12. GS of the mice in the form of three stress of surgery (amputation, chest wall

                          surgery and  laparotomy)-specific cell-mediated immune function inhibition,

                          a significant adjustment to  restore and promote the role of antagonist may

                          be part of the natural anti-stress in mice Cells and antibody-dependent cell-

                          mediated cytotoxic activity inhibition, completely  antagonistic peritoneal 

                          macrophages inhibited phagocytosis of state to stress in the

                          period to maintain normal or slightly higher than the normal level. 

                    13. saponin and panaxadiol triol saponin in the striatum of the rabbit Na +, K

                          +-ATP- inhibited, the Ca2 +-ATP enzyme, Panaxadiol 10-5g/ml saponin

                          in the activation time to  time, when the concentration To increase when

                          10-3g/ml to suppress, and the only triol  saponin inhibitory effect. The

                           Mg2 +-ATP-glycol can be excited by saponin, which was   inhibited by

                           glycerol saponin. 

                     14. ginsenosides can significantly prevent cerebral ischemia-reperfusion in the

                           process of  cortical EEG and suppression of serious brain edema

                           formation of cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury with a protective effect. 

                     15. ginseng root of polysaccharides by 7.5 ~ 8.5GyX a line of total body

                           irradiation in mice  to prevent delivery of a clear anti-radiation damage,

                           and improve the survival rate of  irradiated animals and animal exposure

                           in order to raise the peripheral blood lymphocytes ANAE positive

                           percentage . 

                     16. ginseng preparation for the frequent premature ventricular contractions

                           of the  ventricular arrhythmia mainly inhibited.

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