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Schisandra Extract

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Schisandra Extract

Product Name: Schisandra Extract

Characters: Ben Pinwei brown-red to red powder, micro-gas, micro-bitter taste.

Specifications: schisandrin: 1.0%, 3%, 5% (HPLC); Schisandra-1.0%, 2.0%, 3.0%, 4.0%, 5%


Function: 1) a certain dose of Schisandra enhance the dog's excitement and inhibit the process

                   and make the balance between them, are caused by large doses of animal

                   excitement, insomnia, such as breathing and toxicity. Schisandra be able to increase

                    the excitement of the central nervous system and increase the effectiveness of the

                    body, reducing fatigue, reduced sense of sleepy. And significantly enhance the

                    visual centers in and around the sensitivity.

                2) Schisandra-low-dose nicotine to be an indirect effect, there are high-dose anti-

                    cholinergic effect. Nervous excitement of the fight against drug-free, but to

                    enhance the role of reserpine.

                3) the effects of endocrine: Schisandra ether extract high-dose rats can shrink the

                    thymus, enhance their adrenal function.

               4) Schisandra from P32 to promote gastrointestinal absorption and to strengthen their

                    savings in the liver, kidney, lung, heart, spleen and brain. Schisandra for the time

                    being to enhance the activity of alkaline phosphatase, brain, liver and respiratory

                    muscles are excited about the special role that can increase the oxygen tension and

                    greater tolerance.

                5) decoction of the goods have inhibited rat cardiac cell membrane adenosine

                     triphosphate activity of the role (to improve the physiological function of the heart

                     of one of the ways).

                 6) the goods or the ether extracts of oral vaccination are clear and cough

                     expectorant effects. This product is part of the acid, a clear role expectorant.

                 7) the goods flooding liquid, liquid ethanol flooding, enhance the tension of the

                     cardiovascular system, strengthening the contraction Li, narcotic dogs, rabbits are

                     step-down anesthesia role.

                 8) regulation of gastric secretion, promoting bile secretion. For patients with

                     hepatitis Valley - alanine aminotransferase significantly reduce the effect.

                9) mice Schizandrin gastric feeding can promote the salivary glands of the galactose

                    and galactose synthesis of acetylcholine, so that the apparent increase in IgG,

                    suggesting that enhance immune function.

              10) Schisandrin B, and Schisandra chinensis-diol by vitamin C-NADPH or Fe2 + -

                    cysteine-induced brain, liver, kidney microsomal lipid peroxidation significant 

                     inhibition . Schisandra with phenol antioxidant activity, caused by oxygen free

                     radicals and may protect the heart and liver mitochondrial damage.

               11) the fruits of Schisandra volatile oil can be significantly reduced in mice Sodium-

                      induced sleep time, to a significant increase in liver cells, cytochrome P450

                      content, drug liver enzyme induction.

                12) schisandrin extension of the mouse sodium and sodium-induced sleep time; to 

                       reduce the freedom of mice as well as strengthening reserpine and sodium on

                       the activities of the self-inhibition; against caffeine, Amphetamine on the activities

                       of the independent role of the excitement; resistance to electric shock,

                       pentylenetetrazol, nicotine and the Chinese base in North America caused by

                       ankylosing convulsions; on the conditioned reflex of rats to avoid secondary

                       conditioned reflex and selective inhibition.

                 13) the active ingredient of Schisandraceae CCl4, galactosamine, and whey acid α-

                       naphthyl isothiocyanate-induced liver injury in a protective effect.

                 14) γ-of-Schisandra ascites mouse liver cells and S180 cells in the DNA, ATP and

                       protein metabolism have an impact.

                15) Schisandra ethanol extract of alcohol-jen five mice of specific antibody-

                       secreting cells and the formation of cells rose significantly inhibited.

                 16) and Schisandra Schisandrin B-induced in the mice and rat liver microsomal

                       cytochrome P-450 increased at the same time, but also cause liver glutathione-

                       S-transferase increased significantly, and strong antagonism of estradiol

                       Castrated mice and promote the role of the increase in uterine weight, and

                        lower serum estradiol levels to promote the mouse liver microsomal metabolic

                        rate of estradiol.

                  17) to the DDB for muscular dystrophy hamster therapeutic effect on muscular

                        dystrophy complications of cardiac disease and other causes of calcium

                         accumulation caused by cardiomyopathy have a certain therapeutic effect.

                   18) Schisandra extend the ethanol extract of mouse cardiac allograft survival of the

                          organization, with the immunosuppressant prednisone acetate, the combined

                          effect of azathioprine better.

                    19) Schisandra ethanol extract against carbon tetrachloride, thioacetamide, the

                          Ether of Cyclopentene B estradiol, and other chemicals caused by the

                           phenomenon of increased serum aminotransferase have to reduce the role.

                           Trade names of "five-jen alcohol," has been used in clinical treatment of

                           hepatitis diseases.

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