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Pine Bark Extract

Product Name: Pine Bark Extract

Botanical Source: Pinus Massoniana Lamb

Plant Part Used: Bark

Country of Origin: China

Extract Solvents: Ethanol & Water

Main Components: Catechin, Epicatechin, Taxifolin, OPCs

Main Specifications:Proanthocyanidins: UV95% Min (Beta-Smith)

                                Polyphenols: UV 80%, 85%, 90% Min (Folin-C)

Application: dietary supplement, pharmaceutical, food and baverage, flavor and cosmetic


Function: Pine Bark Extract from the antioxidant capacity Proanthocyanidins (proanthocyanidin

               oligomers) (OPCs), the substance for the antioxidant capacity of 20 times the vitamin

               C, vitamin E of 50 times. OPCs as well-known antioxidants can effectively suppress

                the role of free radicals, and free radicals in degenerative diseases, cardiovascular

                diseases, blurred vision, sunburn and premature aging, such as playing an important