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Milk Thistle Extract

Product Name: Milk Thistle Extract 

Latin Name : Silybum marianum 

Distribution: Mainly planted in Shan'xi, Hebei and Jiangsu province

Product Type:  Yellow Powdered Extract

Part of the Plant Used: Seed

Extract Method: Grain Alcohol

Specification: Silymarin ≥80%


1)of  the liver cell membrane to from a layer of protection,blocking toxicsubstances,particularly

alcohol and environmental pollutants (pesticides, heavy metals,etc.)invasion of liver damage.

2)The number of cases of acute liver poisoning, silymarin antidote to a certain degree of


3)silymarin has strong anti-oxidation function of the liver cells can protect against free radical

damage is far better than the effect of vitamin E.

4)silymarin to promote protein synthesis and speed up manufacturing of new liver cells, or have

been damaged liver cells to repair themselves.