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Product Name: Lycopene

Effectiveness: 1) Prevention and treatment of cancer;

                         A Japanese medical research on the incidence of gastric cancer 4 different

                         parts of the investigation, determined residents of plasma vitamin A, B, C and

                         β-carotene, lycopene levels and found that plasma concentrations of lycopene

                         higher incidence of gastric cancer The lower the rate.

                     2) Cardiovascular protection;

                         As the lycopene to protect LDL from oxidation damage, which is likely to

                          prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular disease, the Netherlands and

                          scholarsof myocardial infarction patients found the patient's health than

                          lycopene ontent,and α and β Carotene content than a significant reduction in

                          the normal  human body, that these carotenoids are closely related to the

                          incidence of myocardial infarction.

                     3) Antioxidant function;

                         Confirmed by scientific research, lycopene has a strong antioxidant, its effect is

                         3 times that of the β-carotene, vitamin E of 100 times through the body to

                          protect cells from oxidative injury to achieve their physical activity.

                      4) Inhibit the role of mutation

                          The physiological mechanism of tumor formation is one of the cell mutagen in

                          the outside world the role of gene mutation occurred, lycopene can block this

                          process, to play a role in cancer.

                 Use:  Lycopene as a natural pigment has been around the world have been widely

                          accepted, will be used in health food lycopene, abroad for several:

                      1) used to prevent ultraviolet burns, skin protection products;

                      2) for anti-aging products;

                      3) for carotenoid complex product;

                      4) applies to the prevention of prostate cancer.