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Gotu Kola Extract

Product Name: Centella asiatica extract

English name: Gotu Kola Extract

Plant Source: Ben Pinwei Umbelliferae Centella asiatica plant Centella asiatica all-grass.

Specifications: Centella asiatica glycosides 10%, 40%, 70%, 80% (HPLC); Asiaticoside 10%,

                       40%, 60%, 90% (HPLC)

      Function:1. To help heal the wound healing and skin damage.

                        May contain Centella asiatica to help heal the wounds of triterpenes.

                        Triterpenes to strengthen the skin, increase the concentration of antioxidants in

                         the wound and by increasing the blood supply to repair inflammation of the

                         nature of these organizations because, outside the snow was used to burn

                         grass, ringworm Yinxie to prevent scar formation after surgery, pregnant

                         women, the first production of vaginal surgery Open the vagina after the

                         resumption of external hemorrhoids and treatment (near the mouth or anus of


                     2. Insufficiency and varicose veins 

                         When the blood vessels lose their flexibility, pent-up blood in the legs and in the

                          blood vessels leak, it will lead to the leg edema (venous insufficiency). A 94 to

                          take Centella asiatica extract of  vein function in patients with inadequate

                          research reports, and the placebo control group, these patients have significant

                          improvement in symptoms. In a separate study of patients with varicose veins,

                          the use of ultrasonic testing showed that the extract of Centella asiatica in

                          patients with vascular tone has improved. 

                      3. Hypertension In a heart disease and high blood pressure patients in the study,

                          those taking Centella asiatica extract and placebo patients compared with

                          patients to experience significant drop in diastolic  blood pressure (diastolic

                          blood pressure when blood vessels). 

                      4. Scleroderma treatment, Centella asiatica extract can reduce joint pain, skin

                          hardness and improve the flexibility of the fingers. 

                      5. Cure their insomnia in the experimental animals has been proved that the

                          sedation, Centella asiatica is used to help troubled by insomnia.