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Epimedium Extract

Product Name: Epimedium Extract

Latin name: Epimdium biolba

Active ingredients:Total lcariin & lcariin

Testing method:HPLC

Specifications:1)Extracted part: leaf and stem

                      2)Extract solvent: ethanol

                      3)Extract medium: non 

                      4)Appearance:Yellow green powder

                      5)Smell Gas-and cold

                      6)Particle size: passed 80 mesh


                      8)Heavy metals: ≤20ppm

                      9)Icariin (by HPLC): ≥10%-30%

                    10)Total plate count:<1000cuf/G lcariin

Function: 1)sensory nerve stimulation to promote sexual function.

               2)anti-inflammatory anti-bacterial, anti-asthmatic antitussive.

               3)blood pressure and increase coronary blood flow and increase myocardial oxygen 


               4)to enhance immunity, there is a certain anti-cancer effect.

Pharmacology function: Stimulate sensory nerve to promote sexual function; Anti-bacterial

                                     antibiotic,Zhenkepingchuan;Relief,increased Guanmai flow,increase 

                                     muscle oxidation capacity.Enhanced immunization,a certain anticancer