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Product Name: Beta-Carotene 

The role and function:

1)to maintain the integrity of the skin mucous layer to prevent the skin dry, rough; 

2) create visual cells photosensitive material; 

3) to promote the growth and development, effective health promotion and cell development,

    the prevention of congenital deficiency. To promote the healthy growth of bones and teeth; 

4)safeguarding of the reproductive function; 

5)maintain and enhance immune function. Data, the carrot with the prevention and suppression

of the role of lung cancer. Carrot carotene contained in the human body, will be converted into

 vitamin A. Each molecule can be transformed into a carrot two vitamin A molecules.

The needs of the crowd:

1)long-term absorption of fat, such as suffering from digestive diseases, gastrointestinal resection

   often resulting in a lack of vitamin A.This situation often occurred in children under 5 years of

   age ,who is mainly due to vitamin A intale of less than lead.

2)vitamin A for long-term wear contact lenses or a long time watching the computer screen of

   people, the more important nutrient.

3)pregnant women and lactating women have much need for vitamin A.