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Product Name: 5-HTP

English name :5-hydroxytryptophan

The appearance of the product: white powder

Common Specifications: 98-99% (HPLC)

Medicinal parts: seed

Plant Source: Ghana leguminous shrub plants Griffonia simplicifolia of dry cereal seeds, seed

                      round long, 1.5 cm in length and 1 cm wide, black seed coat, wrinkles,

                      endosperm yellow-green, slightly scented beans, dry seed weight About 80

                      grams. Wild in Africa and Ghana, Ivory Coast and Togo West African States,

                      harvest time each year in December to February next year.

Function: 1)antidepressants, tranquillizers :

                  5-HTP in the human body is a hormone called serotonin precursor substances that

                  can help the body's hormone production, body  balance itself. 5 - hydroxy

                  tryptophan is a natural amino acid in many dietary protein content can be found, 5 -

                  hydroxy tryptophan can be enhanced 5 - HT activity of  ammonia. 5 - HT

                  ammonia is a hormone secreted by the brain, may affect our   mood, sleep and

                  appetite, resulting in an imbalance in the brain of serotonin when 5  - hydroxy

                  tryptophan to maintain the body in a normal state. Therefore, the content

                  is too easy to depression, anxiety and sleep disorders. 5 - hydroxy tryptophan

                  which can increase the brain's serotonin cell manufacturing capacity to enhance 5 -

                  HT content of ammonia. 5 - hydroxy tryptophan in the body will produce

                  serotonin,  for normal neural important function of the brain material and helpful.

                  Serotonin  helps sleep. Can be an effective pain control, depression can be treated.

                  In a study  made by Switzerland, a group of depressed patients served 3 times a

                  day 100mg of  5 - hydroxy tryptophan, the other taking 150mg of fluvoxamine

                  (SSRIS a). From the beginning of the first 2 weeks to 6 weeks, two groups of

                   patients in the standard depression assessment of the table to show significant

                   improvement, but it took 5 -  hydroxy tryptophan people who seem to take

                   antidepressant prescription drugs than  people a lot more progress . Another

                   study, 5 - hydroxy tryptophan is not only effective antidepressants. And in fact,

                   aware of the research are convinced that it can be used as a prescription

                   antidepressant  drug  in the best alternative.

               2) and slow down the pressure to improve sleep:

                   5 - hydroxy tryptophan has also been successfully used to the treatment of sleep

                   disorders. Serotonin is the result of melatonin - a sleep-conditioning and a clear

                   cycle of natural hormones - the predecessor, so as to raise serotonin levels,

                   melatonin levels will increase, making sleep more soundly. 5 - hydroxy tryptophan

                   and the role of SSRI similar, but the latter has a negative: antidepressants many of

                    your prescription drugs; Second, prescription drugs often give rise to adverse side

                    effects, including dry mouth, anxiety and loss of sexual desire.

                3) weight loss:

                    Can effectively control appetite and enhance the sensitivity of three square meals a

                    hub, in the course of the diet to lose weight, reduce hunger, so that the weight loss 

                    process easier to reach, is a popular food-assisted weight loss agent. For those

                    who want to lose weight is a good news. In a study made by Italy, taking 5 -

                    hydroxy tryptophan than those who took placebo, the intake of carbohydrates and

                    less is more satiety. We know the 5 - hydroxy tryptophan is no danger. And in

                    another experiment in the stomach that a lot of food intake but rather to reduce the

                    weight increase, the use of 600-900 mg of 5 - hydroxy tryptophan, found in this

                    study shows that 750 milligrams a day can reduce the intake of carbohydrates

                    Rather than increase the absorption weight to lose weight

                4) with the exception of traditional Chinese medicine has a function and anti

                    depression, but also with weight loss, Drug Rehabilitation, improve sleep, ease

                     premenstrual syndrome (PMS), the treatment of migraine headaches, and other